Daily Energy Tea Recipe

This is the first official post on this new blog.  Welcome, welcome!

Blank pages and new projects never failed to elicit within me a certain thrill, like opening a gift.  One never knows what may be behind the lovely wrapping nor what the gift will come to mean.

I hope the words you continue to find here will be a gift to us both.  And I hope you took the time to read the “About” page in order that before you begin, context is established.

I want to start with something as simple as a recipe.

Green Tea

I’ve avoided caffeine since my brief affair with coffee in my college years. I’ll write more about my reasons behind that later and why now, I’m not adverse to drinking caffeinated tea.  The following is my daily energy tea recipe. I drink a cup at about 7:00 am (magnesium only in am) and 2:00 pm to boost my energy and alertness throughout the day:

1 T. Raw Honey, 1 T. Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, 1-2 T. Fresh Lemon Juice, 2 tsp. powdered magnesium (Natural Calm), 1/2 tsp. himalayan salt, 1 Organic Green Tea Bag.   Mix up first four ingredients in hot water, not boiling water. Aim for about 160-170 degrees. Boiling water kills the effects of the lemon juice, catechins in the tea and some of the enzymes in the honey. Use regular honey if raw is not available. Add one tea bag and let steep.

Benefits of Raw Honey:   Click on the link from this excellent source for a full list.

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar:  Helps blood sugar control, aides digestion through probiotics and other beneficial bacteria, lowers cholesterol, supports heart health, boosts energy (some sources claim it also aides with weight loss and maintenance) 

Benefits of Lemon Juice: Aides digestion, boosts the immune system, balances pH levels, clears skin, energizes, enhances mood and hydrates the lymph system

Benefits of Himalayan Salt:  Trace minerals  enhanced through water immersion. Supports thyroid and adrenal function, aides overall hormone balance, supports a healthy metabolism, is required to make adequate stomach acid, a natural detoxifier 

Benefits of Magnesium (I use Natural Calm): Promotes restful sleep, reduces constipation, decreases stress, alleviates anxiety, headaches, depression, muscle pain, protects from osteoporosis and hypertension 

Benefits of Green TeaHigh catechin content (power antioxidant), improves blood flow, lowers cholesterol, enhances memory, blocks the formation of plaques that can lead to Alteizmer’s, keeps blood sugar stable, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, aides healthy cells in all stages of their growth 

Drinking this is a perfect way to increase your vitality.  It makes a daily difference for me!


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